Our Almond milk was born as a morning beverage for the family. Kajal Joshi, a health food addict was always on the lookout for anything that would spell ”Health plus Animal Free” for her family. Met face first with the initial problem of getting used to the taste of Almond Milk, the couple- Kajal and Dilip looked deeper and realised the enormous challenge that people face when willing to switch from animal foods. Sadly, more than many would simply give-up, disappointed to have not found the right taste! The challenge of replicating the taste of milk in Almond based milk created excitement, which later fuelled the motivation to find a solution for everything that replaces Dairy. “Can We Do It? Yes, We Can!” Echoed in their minds as they remembered the countless episodes of Bob The Builder that they watched with their toddler son a decade back.

Today, 1Ness is a name synonymous with taste-identical plant based dairy alternatives- products that taste the same, behave the same, and feel the same.

When the beginning is so good… you bet the story moving ahead will be highly exciting!

Why Choose Us?
Gluten Free Not made from Wheat. Great!

Lactose Free Not from an Animal. Awesome!

Cruelty Free Animals are not Ingredients. Way to Go!

Cholesterol Free No Animal Fats. Thank God!

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Minimum Order Amount - ₹ 500

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Plant Based Paneer ₹ 245 1 Pc 200gm Enjoy the clean taste of paneer with no overtones like Soy. Made from nutrient-rich Almonds. Add to List
Nutter Herbs & Garlic ₹ 195 1 Pc 200gm Add to List
Vozzarella ₹ 250 1 Pc 200gm Add to List
GoNuts ₹ 250 1 Pc 200gm Almond-Hazelnut Chocolate spread Add to List
Punjabi Pack (Nutter + Veganeer + Vegurt ₹ 480 1 Pc 200 gm each Add to List
Punjabi Pack (Nutter + Veganeer + Vegurt) ₹ 480 1 Pc 200gm each Add to List