Go Grow Green is a project started by 365DFarms in 2019. Their goal is to grow and provide high-quality fresh food all year round. They use innovative methods like soilless agriculture, controlled-environment agriculture, and hydroponics systems to grow food without the use of pesticides or harmful residues. Soilless agriculture is great because it saves a lot of water, around 90% less than traditional farming methods. It also allows for a fixed amount of water to be recycled, which is good for the environment. Vegetables grown in soilless agriculture tend to be more productive and have higher yields compared to regular farming. Using controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) ensures food safety by reducing the risk of contamination. It also makes the food supply more secure since it is not affected by weather conditions or seasonal changes. This stability in supply also helps in maintaining stable prices for farmers and consumers. Hydroponics, a type of soilless agriculture, is particularly beneficial. It doesn't require the use of pesticides, so the plants grown in hydroponic systems are healthier and less prone to pests. Additionally, hydroponically grown vegetables absorb more nutrients, making them safer and more nutritious. 365DFarms wants to share their knowledge of hydroponics and help others implement sustainable hydroponic technology in urban areas. Their message is "Go Grow Green," encouraging everyone to embrace environmentally friendly farming practices. By spreading awareness and implementing hydroponics, 365DFarms aims to provide clean, safe, and sustainable food for everyone.

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