BNR Exotics offers plenty of services to be known as the farmer's best pal. We supply seedlings, offer farming consultancy, present post-harvest management, and buyback of produce to farmers, or as you would like to call Agri-preneurs. we develop variety of fruits like Dragon fruit, Papaya, Banana and Avocado. We produce all kind of fruits and saplings to get a better yield to help farmers.

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Delivery Areas - 502318
Delivery Notes - Can provide shipping any where Delivery Charges extra depends on distance, Call us to get more details
Minimum Order Amount - ₹ 1500

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Dragon Fruit Red ₹ 150 10 Kg Add to List
White Dragon Fruit ₹ 150 1 1 Kg Add to List
Yellow Dragon Fruit ₹ 250 1 1 Kg Add to List
Red Dragon Plant ₹ 50 1 1 Pc Add to List
Yello Dragon per plant ₹ 130 1 1 Pc Add to List