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#Infinity of purity

A 100% pure & natural "Gir Cow Ghee" completely processed by Vintage method using clay pot & bilona during processing and transferred to class jar without touching any harmful substance

"infinity to purity"

So Many health benefits

Pure Gir cow milk has calcium, phosphorus, rich fats, potassium which helps to maintain blood pressure. It also contains a Conjugated Linoleic

⚡Helps Reduce Cholesterol Level.
⚡ Maintain Healthy Heart.
⚡ Improve Metabolism & Lower the Resistance.
⚡ Promotes Bone Growth.
⚡Boosts Energy Level.
⚡ Promotes Digestion process.
🥛is rich in A2 protein.
🥛contains maximum Omega 3 which prevents deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels.
🥛heightens brain power.
🥛best immunity booster
🥛improves digestion
🥛great for bone development

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Subhadra organic farm

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