In the beginning, BeeHUT Farms was started by Mr. Mainpal Singh Phogat on November 1st, 1999. He began with 27 bee boxes and produced about 20 quintals of honey from them. Over time, Mr. Phogat increased the number of bee boxes to 1000 through scientific beekeeping, resulting in a honey production of 500 quintals per year. He was recognized as a Bee Breeder by Haryana Agro Industries and Corporation and received the third prize for Honey production in Haryana state. He was also invited to All India Radio Station for talks on Beekeeping. Mr. Vinay Phogat, Mr. Phogat's son, joined the business after completing his B.Tech degree. He expanded the number of bee boxes and established a honey processing plant in their village. Mr. Vinay worked hard to provide people with the best quality honey under his own brand, Bee Hut. For his achievements, Mr. Vinay Phogat received the Shahad Ratan Award at the Agri Leadership summit and a prize of 1 Lakh Rupees from the Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr. Manhoar Lal Khattar. He also won the first prize in the state of Haryana. Currently, Mr. Vinay manages 1250 Bee boxes and produces 550 quintals of honey. He even migrates his Beehives to other states to produce 14 different types of honey. Mr. Vinay Phogat was selected as a representative in the state-level Farmer Producer Organization from district Jhajjar. He is also the Managing Director of the district-level FPO called Bee Hut Producer Company Limited. BeeHUT Farms actively participates in national, state, and district-level exhibitions and agribusiness expos. Mr. Vinay Phogat has received awards on occasions like Independence Day and Republic Day for his contributions to beekeeping and agriculture.

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