Bhoyate Dragon Fruit Nursery and Farm is a farm located in Khamaswadi, Osmanabad, Maharashtra, India. It is a family-owned farm that was established in 2014 by Pramod Bhoyate. The farm is known for its production of dragon fruits, which are a type of cactus fruit.


The farm has over 1000 dragon fruit plants, which are grown on 5 acres of land. The plants are irrigated with drip irrigation and are fertilized with organic manure. The farm also has a nursery where new dragon fruit plants are raised.

The farm produces around 10,000 dragon fruits per year. The fruits are sold fresh in the local market and online. The farm also exports dragon fruits to other parts of India.

Bhoyate Dragon Fruit Nursery and Farm is a successful venture that has helped to promote dragon fruit cultivation in Maharashtra. The farm has also provided employment to several people in the area.

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