Welcome to Bite Organic, where our sweet journey began in the mid-'90s. Our very first bee farm buzzed to life in 1996 in Rajasthan, thanks to the hard work of Mr. Surat Ram Steta. He started it all with a simple mission: selling bee boxes for pollination.

Over the years, Mr. Steta expanded our horizons by trading honey in local markets for nearly two decades. During this time, we received an invitation to join the "National Bee Board," and we proudly accepted, becoming a privileged member.

What started as a humble bee farm selling honey in wholesale has now blossomed into a large-scale production of organic honey. We're spreading the sweetness across the entire country, thanks to the unique flavors we create.

Our honey is a testament to quality, straight from the farms. We take great care in refining our honey, ensuring it's of the highest quality, and we've been doing so since 2009. Your health and purity are our top priorities, and we go the extra mile to provide you with the best organic honey from our own farms. Grab a bottle of our organic raw honey and enhance your healthy life.

Raman Steta
CEO, Founder

At Bite Organic, our products are certified by FSSAI, assuring you of their quality and safety.

Explore our range of honey products:

1. Neem Jamun Honey
   - Price: ₹399.00 – ₹799.00 + Free Shipping
   - Our Neem Jamun floral honey offers the perfect blend of sweetness and bitterness. It's not overpowering but will keep your taste buds wanting more with every bite. Plus, it's a rich source of iron.

2. Sunflower Honey
   - Price: ₹399.00 – ₹799.00 + Free Shipping
   - Sunflowers bloom in April to May, and during this time, our beehives are moved to gather nectar and pollen. You may not have encountered this type of honey before, but it's truly unique. It offers benefits for stomach and intestine conditions, lung and kidney health, heart and blood circulation, and it even has antimicrobial properties. Not to mention, it's great for promoting hair growth.

3. Wild Forest Honey
   - Price: ₹399.00 – ₹799.00 + Free Shipping
   - Bite Organic proudly brings you raw wild honey, collected by tribal honey hunters from the deep forests of India. This honey is produced by wild bees from the nectar of medicinal flowers. It's a natural and unprocessed honey, far from civilization, free of adulteration and pollution.

Come experience the natural goodness of Bite Organic honey. It's a journey of sweetness and purity that began with a simple idea and has grown into something truly extraordinary.

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