I am a farmer . I take two season crops kharif and rabbi. In kharif season I take soyabean, cotton, sorghum, maize and in rabbi season I take wheat. Also I take vegetabkes crop as well some times like onion and tomato.

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Delivery Areas - Sonala Warwat Tunki Eklara jalgaon jamod sungaon hiwaekhed telhara sangrampur niwana danapur sogoda
Delivery Notes - My delivery area is the near by villages mention above and I will be available on weekends.
Minimum Order Amount - ₹ 150

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sorghum ₹ 130 1 5 Kg Add to List
wheat ₹ 140 1 5 Kg Add to List
coriander ₹ 20 1 200 Gm Add to List
milk ₹ 60 1 1 Lt Add to List
paneer ₹ 270 1 1 Kg Add to List