In 2018, we started Gokul Farms in the village of Kharman, near Bahadurgarh in District Jhajjar, Haryana. We began with just 9 desi cows, and today we have over 250+ desi cows. Our farm is unique in North India because we have more than 300 acres of land dedicated to grazing, which is essential for desi dairy farming and providing our clients with pure and desi milk and milk products. Our cows have the freedom to roam and graze on the vast grazing land. They walk around 12 to 15 kilometers every day, which helps them produce "stress-free" cow milk for our clients. This type of milk is becoming popular in western countries. Our main goal is to protect and nurture our desi cows. We consider them as mother cows and treat them with utmost care and respect. This initiative is not just for business purposes, but it is also a deep-rooted feeling to save and honor our desi cows, which we consider as Mother Cow. According to the scriptures, milking a cow means taking only the surplus milk, leaving enough for the calf. We follow this ethical method when milking our desi cows. Gokul Farms serves as an example for others, showing how we can run a successful business with desi cows in an ethical way. We hope to inspire more people to embrace this approach. We come from a simple farming background, and now we have many farmers associated with Gokul Farms. This means that our valued clients and business partners are directly connected to common farmers, creating a strong community bond.

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