We grow the freshest dragon fruit in India at Laxmi Plant Nursery. Our dragon fruit is grown organically, so you can be confident that it is free of dangerous chemicals. We also collect our dragon fruit at its pinnacle of ripeness so that you can enjoy the greatest flavour possible.

We sell fresh dragon fruit as well as other dragon fruit goods such as dragon fruit juice, dragon fruit smoothies, and dragon fruit ice cream. We also sell dragon fruit plants, allowing you to produce your own dragon fruit at home.

Laxmi Plant Nursery is the place to go if you want a delicious and healthy treat or if you want to grow your own dragon fruit.

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Delivery Areas - mangalore kerela karnataka
Delivery Notes - We deliver within three days after the order is placed and extra delivery charge of Rs.100 is charged.
Minimum Order Amount - ₹ 1000

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