• Jan 12, 2023
What is Farmer near me fee to use the platform ?

"Farmer Near Me" is a free SaaS platform designed for farmers and agricultural startups to help them connect with potential customers and grow their businesses. For the first 12 months, farmers can use the platform at no cost, with a cap of 100 orders per month. After the first year, there is a fee of Rs 49 per month or Rs 499 per year. One of the unique features of our platform is that on each order, the farmer receives a WhatsApp notification message, allowing them to stay informed and manage their deliveries and payments efficiently. We do not charge any transaction or sales commission, our role is to assist the farmers in creating a Purchase Order (PO) form. It is entirely up to the farmer to accept or reject the order. Our goal is to help farmers recognize their potential as entrepreneurs and empower them to showcase their products to a wider audience. We believe that by providing this platform, we can help ensure that future generations remain connected to agriculture and proudly identify as Agri entrepreneurs. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, and it is crucial that we support farmers and agricultural startups in their efforts to grow their businesses. Farmer Near Me aims to do just that by providing a user-friendly platform that allows farmers to connect with potential customers and showcase their products in a professional manner. We understand that farmers often have limited resources and may not have the skills or knowledge to market their products effectively. That is why we have designed our platform to be easy to use and accessible to all farmers, regardless of their technical expertise. In addition to connecting farmers with customers, we also provide educational resources and support to help farmers improve their business skills and knowledge. We believe that by providing this support, we can help farmers achieve greater success and contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector. Overall, Farmer Near Me is a powerful tool for farmers and agricultural startups looking to connect with customers and grow their businesses. By providing a free and easy-to-use platform, educational resources and support, we aim to empower farmers and help them achieve their goals.